This service is for people who wish to consult privately on an individual basis with an Exercise Physiologist to improve their health through a customised management program. During this consultation you will work with our Exercise Physiologist to make healthier lifestyle choices, undertake education where needed for improved self-health management and design a program to help you achieve your health management goals safely, efficiently and most importantly is manageable for your circumstances.

There are many reasons a person might consult privately with our Exercise Physiologist such as general health and fitness, weight management, management of injuries or other chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, muscle, joint or tendon pain, post surgery rehab strength and conditioning.


30mins = $72

60mins = $99

90mins = $151


We currently provide services to people eligible for NDIS whom are plan managed and self-managed.

We offer competitive rates on Exercise Physiology services covered under a person with a disabilities package.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support your NDIS plan goals.

Current Cost:

30mins = $83.50

60mins = $166.99

90mins = $250.50

(Subject to change and needs of the person. Please check before making an appointment)


Health Management Solutions Queensland commends and recognizes the fantastic efforts, service and sacrifices our defence force personnel past and present have made, are making to protect us and our country. For people eligible for DVA Exercise Physiology services we can provide individual consultations, treatment and sessions when clinically necessary. There are rules regarding eligibility and access so please check this with DVA and/or your GP prior to making an appointment to obtain the correct referral paperwork.

Our qualified Exercise Physiologists will work with you to manage your relevant health conditions in several ways such as making healthier lifestyle choices, providing education where needed for improved self-health management and designing a program to assist you in achieving your health management goals safely, efficiently and most importantly, in a way that is manageable for your circumstances.

Individual Consultations




People with one or more chronic health conditions may be eligible to receive a subsidy for up to 5 visits per calendar year to consult one-on-one with Allied Health Professionals surrounding management of their chronic health condition/s. These services are by appointment only and require the correct GP referral form to be completed and received at the time of or before making the appointment.

This practice does not bulkbill these services any longer to avoid compromising the quality of our services we provide to you. For the cost of these services please refer to our private exercise rates. The current Medicare rebate for these services is ~$56.00.

If you have a chronic disease, consult with your GP to discuss your eligibility