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We are proud to be a locally owned and operated Exercise Physiology business within the Ipswich region. We specialise in providing a number of much needed Exercise Physiology services to groups and individuals within Ipswich and surrounding communities. In addition to providing individual Exercise Physiology consultations (e.g Medicare services & private appointments), we also offer a number of group classes in our clinic which include but are not limited to; our balance class – a low cost program focusing on balance and strength based exercises to reduce and mange participants at risk of having falls. Our Type 2 Diabetes Group Exercise Classes which are free under Medicare Type 2 Diabetes Group Service Subsidy. We provide services within the communities of Ipswich and Somerset Regions when funding is available to help these communities manage their own health and wellbeing. In the past, we have run several programs for general health and weight management, managing and preventing falls and managing and preventing heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. We are well suited to help local businesses and organizations optimize their productivity with targeted group exercise programs and educational seminars as well as workplace ergonomic assessments which can reduce the risk of workplace injury.

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Hi ! I am proudly Ipswich born and bred and love helping people in my community manage and / or prevent a wide range of chronic health conditions / injuries. I initially started out as a Personal Trainer some 15 years ago.  Being dissatisfied with the way the fitness industry and fitness centres were trending for the average person and wanting to further my knowledge and understanding of the body and exercise, I decided to complete a Bachelors degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and open up my own Exercise Physiology clinic.
During my clinic day I enjoy collaborating with people and their medical professionals (usually their GP) to help them manage a wide range of chronic health conditions and injuries which include but are not limited to heart conditions, lung conditions (e.g. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), balance issues/concerns, pre and post knee and hip surgery rehabilitation, non-specific lower back pain and diabetes.
During my studies I developed a particularly keen special interest for prescribing exercise to help with the management of balance issues, specifically falls prevention and management, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. I also have taken a large interest recently in providing lifestyle modification discussion, strategies and education.
In my experience, people generally don't want to be unhealthy, unhappy and ill / injured yet making changes can be really easy for some and really challenging for others. When listening to some people I have found that more often than not people are not provided with enough information to make informed choices about their health, and as a result feel as though they have no investment in their own health. The end result is people feeling powerless and out of control which they then feel can only be taken back by ignoring or not following the advice of the health professional who in most cases is really keen to help.

Our quality group exercise classes and programs offer evidence-based exercise and education for a range of health concerns as well as low-cost option to our clients to help them in managing their health concerns as best as they can. We offer several group exercise classes at our clinic and several classes within the community (pending available funding).

Did you know that investing in your staff can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased retention of quality staff and also potentially reduce workplace injury?

Sometimes it’s good to get individually tailored advice and assessment for your needs. We offer a large range of individual services such as Medicare TCA’s/EPC’s, DVA services for eligible persons, NDIS and private consultations to mention a few.

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